Become the most EPIC version of yourself! Using the power of the subconscious mind, you can remove the blocks to your peace and success.

Your Breakthrough Awaits

You want to finally release all the limiting beliefs and fears that are keeping you stuck, so you can start living the life you want

Do any of these sound familiar?

✖️You feel a call toward more for your life, but you keep getting in your own way

✖️You’re frustrated with your lack of change, no matter how hard you try

✖️You feel held back by the repeating self-limiting stories of your ego

✖️You feel resistance toward your goals and blocked at every turn

✖️You’re SO ready for a change but don’t know where to start

✖️You feel stuck or stagnant in your career

✖️You have fears or phobias that are interfering with your quality of life

✖️You feel overwhelmed at the thought of stepping out of your comfort zone

✖️You want to attract more abundance into your life but feel unworthy of it

✖️You’re stuck on auto-pilot, simply going through the motions of your day and not really living

If you can relate to any of these, it’s time to stop spinning your wheels. It’s time to dismantle the patterns that are keeping you frustrated, blocked, and in the energy of resistance.

Now Imagine your new reality...

✅ You’re radiating a magnetizing sparkle and attracting all your desires

✅ You’re walking in the shoes of your highly successful, best self

✅ Life feels light, free, and joyful

✅ You know you’re more than capable of what you previously felt powerless against

✅ You’re unafraid, empowered, and self-confident

✅ You’ve gained an unwavering inner peace and capacity to experience life to the fullest

A coaching session with me is making shift happen

I use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Hypnosis elements to remove blocks—FAST.

In other words, I help get your subconscious mind on board with your conscious mind. 

Because here’s the thing, whatever is blocking you is an attempt from your subconscious mind to keep you safe (in a way that’s not serving you).

The subconscious mind has good intentions, but doesn’t understand logic. It takes everything literally, and stays stuck in its patterns. That is, until we give it different instructions.

And that’s exactly what happens in personal transformation coaching.

Whether your subconscious block has been with you for three months, three years, or as long as you can remember, it can be dissolved. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change, and it happens easier than you probably think.

it's not magic, but it might seem like it

“If you get the chance to work with Anna DO IT! She was able to greatly reduce my constant worry. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt after our session. I was kind of skeptical that it would last, but it has and I am so grateful for that!”

– D.A. 

 I found Anna on TikTok and I’m so glad I did. My limiting belief around worthiness was holding me back in my career and I was willing to try something new to help with it. The session we did blew me away. I’m feeling very differently not only around my worthiness but also what I am capable of doing now. I will absolutely be returning to work on my other limiting beliefs.” 

 – Carrie F.

What's waiting for you on the other side of your block?

A new-found confidence and fearlessness? Attracting more money? Your perfect partner? Peace and quiet in your mind?

In less than one hour, you can create small inner shifts on the inside, leading to big changes in your outside reality.

Up to 97%(!!) of your day is controlled by the workings of the subconscious mind. Which means you NEED it to work FOR you and not against you. Your subconscious mind receives its programming in childhood, up until about age 8. Most people don’t know it can be changed, and they continue to run the same painful childhood programming forever. But not you! Because if you’re reading this, I know you have a drive to make positive change for yourself. 

If you have 45 minutes to scroll social media, why not dedicate 45 minutes to changing your life?

      Inside Of A Coaching Call

It’s a completely customized personal transformation experience! I’ll ask a series of questions to understand where you are now, and what you want instead. Then we can dive right in to the subconscious work of rewiring your neural pathways away from ones that don’t serve you, and create new ones that do. What that looks like, is working with memories that still hold an emotional charge for you, via a follow-along creative visualization or meditation-like experience. You will always be aware and in control during the session, and I’ll be guiding you through every step.

I use modern NLP techniques as my go-to modality for effective and safe, lasting change. But I don’t just focus on working with the mind, I also integrate nervous system regulation techniques so that your body gets on board, too.

My unique two-fold approach ensures:

• disconnection from the emotional charge

• the disconnect is anchored to ensure it stays that way (a crucial step often missed in other subconscious reprogramming)

• reconnection to feelings of safety and calm

My coaching is NOT a one-size-fits-all approach. What impacts you, does not impact someone else in the same way. Your session is personalized to your exact needs.

I’m telling you, this is powerful stuff.

✅ My coaching Is right for you if…

  • You’re ready to give 100% to your goals and dreams
  • You’re not afraid to dig deep, be vulnerable, and see your own shadows
  • You’re super committed to your personal development
  • You understand that you are always your best investment
  • You embrace and are eager to implement new ways of thinking

❌ my coaching is NOT right for you if…

  • You want a therapy-like setting to talk about what your issues are (my sessions are 10% talk and 90% effort!)
  • You always have an excuse for why you can’t do something and blame your past or others
  • You just want someone else to do all the work for you
  • You don’t believe things can change and are unwilling to implement different action

Sound good? let's sort it out!

Hey, I’m Anna!

I’m an expert in spiritual empowerment, a best-selling author, Reiki Master, certified Human Design Reader, and certified Master NLP Practitioner.

I’m also a…

  • Leo Sun, Taurus Moon, Leo Rising
  • Manifesting Generator
  • INFJ
  • Enneagram 4/5
  • Life Path No. 3

 I know what it’s like to feel stuck and frustrated. I had a MASSIVE fear of being seen for the majority of my life. I would skip school for presentations, and every day wished for an invisibility superpower to kick in so that no one would see me. Subconscious work completely removed this fear from my life. If you were led to this page from Instagram or TikTok, you probably already know that being on camera is something I do often and ENJOY. This is just one example of the magic that can happen from working with the subconscious mind. 

Despite the fact that NLP has been around since the 1970s, there are few NLP practitioners! I truly believe this modality for positive change is extremely underestimated. I want to show you how easy and fast it can be to create lasting, incredible change in your life. I’ve been fortunate to have trained with the greatest talent in the NLP & Hypnosis world. What that means for you, is that you’ll receive the same proven, effective techniques that are also used with celebrity and royalty clients! 

I’m Certified By:

The American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

The Complementary Medical Association

Ali Campbell Training

It’s my mission to help you remember who you truly are, why you’re really here, and ALL that you’re capable of.

future you is counting on present you

Will you let fear and “what ifs” continue to be in the driver’s seat of your life?

No matter what it is you want, releasing a fear, time freedom, travel, luxury, your ideal partner, your dream career, etc., you know you deserve it ALL. 

So, I have to ask, what’s holding you backWhat is the cost of continuing to live within the confines of your limitations?

The choice is yours, magical soul✨


45 minutes, $144

frequently asked questions

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions will depend on the scope of the block and how you feel. It’s always my goal to achieve resolution in as few sessions as possible, often just one.

What if I don't know what my blocks are?

No problem! We often don’t, or they wouldn’t be subconscious! While I can help you uncover it, it is not always required (or advisable) to understand the root cause. We can just as easily work without knowing it.

What if I'm not comfortable revisiting painful memories?

To some degree this is a required part of the process, in order to release its hold on you. If we are talking about trauma that is a 10 for you, then please contact me so we can discuss if this is the correct fit.

Do I need to prepare for my session?

There is nothing you need to do in advance.
This work can be emotional and requires concentration, so please make sure you are in a comfortable, private space where you won't be interrupted during our time together.

How do I know if this will work for me?

A certain result can never be guaranteed. The techniques I use have been tried, tested, and proven for over 50 years. As long as you are open and willing, it is extremely rare to have no change occur. If you are unsure if your specific issue is a fit, please contact me and we can discuss it.

When will I see results?

Everyone adapts to change at their own pace. You may notice an immediate change right after your session. You may notice small shifts in the days and weeks after your session. You may also notice in retrospect (30-60 days after your session) that major shifts have taken place. Any of these rates of change, or even a combination of them, are possible.

What is a block and where does it come from?

Subconscious blocks come from past negative experiences that still hold an emotional charge for you (the energy of unhealed traumas and memories). The emotion is the glue that keeps the block stuck with you. When we remove the glue, the recall of the memory changes and it no longer affects you in a negative way.

I can’t wait to work with you!

xx Anna