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I’m sharing my most spiritual experience EVER: a dream visitation I had, as well as how we can heal while dreaming, and where spirituality and dreams meet!

If you’ve ever been curious about Reiki or energy healing, then this is the episode for you! I’m telling you what Reiki is, how it works, where it comes from, and showing you how to start working with energy now!

I'm talking all about your true existence and why the heck you're here on Earth in the first place. And of course, are we living in a simulation?

In this episode I’m debunking popular spiritual beliefs, including the truth about manifesting, energy protection, happiness, and lessons from the universe. You won’t want to miss this because the opposite of what you know just might amaze you!

Listen to this episode here Hello magical souls and welcome to another episode of The Soul’s Human Experience Podcast. I cant wait …