Episode 1: Show Trailer – Welcome to the soul’s Human Experience Podcast!

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Hello and welcome to the first ever episode of The Soul’s Human Experience Podcast.

My name is Anna Schlinghoff and I’ll be your host on this human experience journey that we’re all on together. I’m an author, Reiki Master, and transformation coach. You might recognize the name of the show if you’ve heard of or read my bestselling book of the same name. I really wanted to take some of the topics in the book as well as the short 30 second, one minute videos that I make on TikTok and IG and be able to dive into them deeper. So this is a show for all awakening and awakened souls seeking a more authentic, enjoyable, and abundant life, and if you’re seeking growth and expansion to uplevel yourself and your life. . Every week you can join me right here for personal development tips, spiritual guidance, and practical healing tools for the everyday navigation of the human experience. I’ll be featuring topics from the subconscious mind to the spirit world and everything in between, and before you know it, you won’t be able to help but live the amazing life your soul intended for you. So with that said I hope you’ll stick around and press play on the next episode. See you there.