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Hello magical souls and welcome to another episode of The Soul’s Human Experience Podcast. I am very excited about this episode because this topic has been a big part of my journey and I am so fascinated by it, and that is dream visitations and dream travel. 

For a while now I’ve been getting the intuitive hit to share my dream visitation story publicly, out loud. I wrote about it in my book but I’ve never talked about it. And I’m finally ready to do that and I’m really excited to share it with you. It’s the most spiritual experience I’ve ever had, and also probably the wildest experience in general that I’ve ever had. It’s the story of a dream visitation I had that pretty much changed my life. In 2008, a friend of mine passed away in a tragic car accident, and shortly after, I want to say it was maybe a week or two later, he visited me in a dream. And I kind of don’t even like to say it that way because as I’ll explain, I don’t think it was a dream at all. But to give you context I’ll say it that way. Anyway it was a very short dream that consisted of me standing across from him, probably about five feet apart, and we were standing in a space of nothing. It wasn’t lightness or darkness it was just nothingness. He smiled at me and I ran forward to give him a hug, and at the instant that my arms touched him, this energy of the most loving, peaceful, ecstatic energy shot through my entire body and I was completely engulfed in it. It’s honestly so difficult to put into words what it actually felt like because it was kind of a feeling you can’t even describe. Like the words I’m using are the closest I can come up with but they don’t do it justice. I remember it was extremely powerful, electricity-like, yet overwhelmingly loving. So we just hugged for a few seconds and that was it. I woke up. Then I cried for probably an hour after I woke up because it was such an intense experience. Like I had seen my friend and got to hug him goodbye, which in itself is emotional, but the absolute intensity of the energy I experienced in that dream was like being knocked over. But not in a negative way, because it was an extremely high frequency energy, but in the way that it was a lot for me to handle. To this day, it is the most realistic, vivid, intense dream I’ve ever had. And no I do not think it was a dream in the traditional sense, I think my soul traveled to meet his soul somewhere and it was one hundred percent a real experience. What I think happened was that I touched his soul when I hugged him. Truly, was able to experience what the pure energy of a soul feels like, and therefore what the energy of the universe must feel like, since we are all pieces of this greater energy of love. And if the intensity was any indication, it’s no wonder that we supposedly only take a fragment of our energy into this body, we wouldn’t be able to handle it. I think it’s important to point out that in 2008 when this happened, my life was completely different than it is now, I was a completely different person than I am now, and the word spiritual wasn’t even in my vocabulary. I couldn’t have told you what it meant if you had asked me. I was an atheist, I didn’t believe in anything, so there was nothing in my brain that could have formed this experience. And even after it happened, I knew for sure it was real but somehow that still didn’t translate. Like I was still an atheist somehow? Even though I believed what had happened had actually happened, so if I had thought more about it then I would have made the connection that there is more out there. But for whatever reason, I wasn’t ready to do that yet. And it would be another three years before I started practicing yoga, which was the first step on my awakening, and then another two years before I was introduced to The Secret, and then everything started to change. Looking back on the experience now, fourteen years after it happened, it’s clear to me that there was another facet of this experience. I can’t help but wonder if my friend knew how much it would serve me in the future. Because as I was awakening, it was always there almost like the backbone. It was proof of something more. Even now, I’ll be honest from time to time I can get so frustrated and down and have moments of questioning, and I always come back to that experience. I cannot deny it. 

I think visitations are most likely to happen while our body and our conscious mind are asleep, because then one, they can’t get in the way of that experience, and two, that allows the soul to travel. I’ve heard that for a soul to do a dream visit, it’s something that they have to learn and that takes quite a bit of energy to do. That makes sense to me because my visitations have been very short, and yes I’m saying plural because I have had one other one. If you’re wondering how to tell if you’ve had one, I think that’s a question only you can intuitively know the answer to. But I think some common themes are the shorter length of the visit, they are clear, real, and vivid, whereas regular dreams are often weird or illogical, drawn out. You never forget them. They are very impressionable, outstanding experiences, that in my experience stand out completely from regular dreams. Because again, they’re not really dreams. In order to receive a visitation, I’ve heard that you cannot be too deep in grief, because greif is such a low vibration that it can act like a blanket which blocks you from being able to access a visitation. I can’t say whether or not that’s actually true but in my case, for both of the visitations I recieved, I was removed just enough that my energy was open enough to be able to do that. Since I never told any of our mutual friends about my friend visiting me, I have no idea if he visited anyone else. Was I the only one with an open enough energy? I will never know. But the reason I’m pointing this out is because if you have never received one and you would like to, and you’re not in the moment of deep grieving, then ask. Put the request out there in whatever way feels right to you and see what happens.

I’ve thought a lot about what the purpose of dream visitations might be, because if a soul learned how to enter a space where your soul also knew how to get to, then why wouldn’t you want to meet up there all the time? Wouldn’t it be so amazing to be able to see that person every night if you wanted to? And thinking about that pretty much answered my own question because as beautiful and amazing as that would be, it would be very emotional. I think it doesn’t happen because it would be too difficult to heal on a 3D human level. That healing has to take place and I don’t know if it could in the way that it needs to for you to be a functioning person and move forward. So why visit at all then? In my view, it’s a way to give closure. I’ve also heard of people being visited to deliver an important message that they otherwise wouldn’t receive.

Another type of dream travel I want to mention is traveling to do healing, which could be called dream working, or dream healing. I’ve also heard it be called night working. And what happens in dream healing is your soul travels to another place, where I have no idea, but it goes there to do healing work. Intuitively I feel that this type of healing is deep, subconscious, soul-level work. Something that cannot be accomplished easily or at all in waking consciousness, so the soul handles it. Whatever side you’re on, whether you are a soul in need or a volunteering soul, somehow they get connected in another realm. I’ve been fortunate enough to have experienced being a volunteer dream healer a handful of times, in fact very recently it happened again after not happening for a while. And basically what happens is I go and coach, counsel, or console people who need support and offer them that space to heal. Most of the time it’s been with people that I know, but twice it’s been someone that I don’t know at all. The most recent dream healing experience I had was with a random person. I have no idea who they were. But every time this has happened, me and the person I’m working with are always sitting at a table together and I listen to them, and hug them, and pep talk them, and so on. It’s such a rewarding feeling and I always wake up feeling really good after one of these dreams. I’d say the first maybe five experiences were a total surprise, so my soul must have volunteered me. Then I noticed they had stopped and I was wanting to do it again so I just simply staed in my head, I’d like to do more dream healings, then not long after I was paired with someone. So I think if this sounds interesting to you and it’s something you’d like to experience, again I’d just encourage you to ask your guides to help you do it. I think there’s a whole collective of souls doing this dream healing work. Just like in waking life, everyone has their own role and their own way of doing it. I’ve heard of people visiting hospitals and helping people there in their dreams, and it could look so different for everyone and probably does, which I think is so interesting and amazing. The way that you are able to help, if you want to, will be perfect for you and perfect for the person you are helping. I recently did a tiktok about dream healing, and someone responded that they had a dream healing experience with a friend, so they reached out to them the next day to see how they were and it turns out they really were in need of support at that time. So I definitely believe we are all connected in more ways than we can really comprehend. And what if we are all doing this work and we just don’t recall it for one reason or another? That’s an interesting thought too. 

I want to wrap up this episode by quickly touching on regular dreams. If you’re not being visited, and you’re not doing healing work, what are the rest of the dreams you have? What is happening with those? I am not a dream expert by any means, in fact I don’t really even care much for dream interpretation. I think that’s so specific to the individual when it comes to symbolism and that honestly a lot of dreams just don’t mean anything at all. Because the other types of dreams we have, like the weird, illogical, or boring ones, I think are our mind’s way of working things out. It’s a way to organize, clean house, and make sense of things. Our mind is working while our body is resting and dreams are one tool it has to process things. And of course there are also premonition dreams and other kinds of dreams that serve a specific purpose, but I have never had any of those that I can recall so I can’t really speak to those too much. But I do love to listen to stories about dream experiences, so I’ll end by saying that if you’ve had a dream visitation, a dream healing experience, premonition dream, or any other type of intentional dream experience, I would love to hear about it. You can always email me, my email is in the show notes, or send me a message on Instagram. I hope you’re taking good care of yourself this week and I’ll see you in the next episode.