about anna

Hey! I’m Anna Schlinghoff and I love healing work. I believe we’re here to enjoy all the good this world has to offer, and I’m passionate about helping you navigate that journey.

I’m a best-selling author, Reiki Master, spiritual empowerment coach & healer, and certified Master NLP Practitioner. It’s my mission to help you remember who you really are, why you’re really here, and all you’re capable of.

Here’s a bit of my story that led me to where I am today.

2008: The tragic loss of a friend led to the most spiritual experience of my life, when my friend visited me in spirit form and allowed me to “feel” the energy of a soul. At this point in my life I was an atheist and knew nothing of spirituality, but this experience would end up being an important part of my story in later years.

2013: A coworker of mine introduced me to the movie The Secret. Like for many people, this movie or book was a catalyst into a new way of thinking. I was blown away, yet felt a comforting remembrance of something I already knew, but had forgotten. I began to seriously study spiritual teachings.

2014: I had secured my first job in the corporate world, and I was feeling accomplished—yet completely empty. I began to question EVERYTHING, and I was determined to find out why I was on this earth. Thus, I was pushed even further onto my awakening journey. What followed were six years of ups and downs, as I learned and expanded in major ways.

2020: I asked the universe for guidance on how I could be of service to others. I was ready to put everything I had learned into practice and service. I received a very clear intuitive hit to write a book. Within the next 30 days, The Soul’s Human Experience was written.

2021-present: I published my book, The Soul’s Human Experience, as well as a journal, Absolute Alignment. I also launched my 1:1 coaching offer, a Reiki Training, and most recently, a podcast, The Soul’s Human Experience Podcast! I hope you’ll join me and…

I’m so thrilled to have you here