Let me introduce myself

Hey, I’m Anna!

 I believe we’re meant to enjoy this human experience. Life has a way of making that seem difficult sometimes, and I’m passionate about helping you navigate that journey. 

I’m a best-selling author, Reiki Master, empowerment coach, and Master NLP Practitioner. It’s my mission to help you remember who you really are, why you’re really here, and all you’re capable of.

Here’s a bit of my story that led me to where I am today.

2008: The tragic loss of a friend led to the most spiritual experience of my life, when my friend visited me and allowed me to “feel” the energy of a soul. At this point in my life I was an atheist and knew nothing of spirituality, but this experience would end up being an important part of my story.

2013: I was introduced me to the movie The Secret. Like for many people, this movie or book was a catalyst into a new way of thinking. I was blown away, yet felt a comforting remembrance of something I already knew, but had forgotten. I began to seriously study spiritual teachings.

2014: I had secured my first job in the corporate world, and I was feeling accomplished—yet completely empty. I began to question EVERYTHING, and I was determined to find out why I was on this earth. Thus, I was pushed even further onto my awakening journey. What followed were six years of ups and downs, as I learned and expanded in major ways.

2020: I was ready to put everything I had learned into service, and I received very clear intuitive guidance to write a book. Within the next 30 days, my first book, The Soul’s Human Experience, was written.

2021-present: I published my book, as well as a journal, launched my coaching offer, a Reiki Training, and a podcast. 

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